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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Presentation Title
Super Google: Searching with Style
Take advantage of the free tools Google has to offer including The Wonder Wheel, Google Scholar, and Google Similar Images to give you the skills to find resources efficiently.
Lisa Thumann
Hosting EdCamp: A Renaissance of Inspiration and Rejuvenation
EdCamp is professional development organized by teachers for teachers. It is a way to showcase skills, talent and knowledge often overlooked by traditional PD. Learn here how to host your own EdCamp and be sure to visit EdCamp NJEA in High Tech Hall.
Mike Ritzius
Get Excited Using SMART ™ Boards!
Put excitement in your lessons and in your teaching by using the features of a SMART Board. Learn how to make the ordinary lesson outstanding!
Mary Steinhauer
Collaborative Tools For 21st Century Learners and Leaders
Free online tools make collaboration over large distances easy. Learn how to facilitate your students’
collaborative process and your own!
Damian Bariexca
Using VoiceThread for Digital Storytelling
Creators of a VoiceThread can act as presenters by using “comments” around images that are captured
through a microphone or telephone, through video using a web camera, or through text. The owner then invites other users to leave their comments on the slides. Use VoiceThread to create digital stories.
Lisa Thumann
Skype in the K-12 Classroom: Collaborate, Communicate and Innovate!
Collaborating with other classrooms in other countries is easy with Skype. See how it’s done as we
connect live with a classroom partner.
Kevin Jarrett

Friday November 5, 2010

Presentation Title
Showing Growth- Using Online Portfolios to Showcase Student Work and Growth
Participants will examine the use of digital portfolios using and Google
Sites to display student performance holistically.
Patrick Higgins
Using VoiceThread To Foster Collaborations
VoiceThreads also have the capability to house group discussions around images. The owner can invite other users to leave their own "comments" or input on the slides. A project can be shared from the VoiceThread website or embedded in another website such as a blog or wiki. We will look at the features of VoiceThread that aide in facilitating collaboration in your classroom. VoiceThread offers enough flexibility to be used with a variety of K-12 classes and subject areas. The ability to use text, audio or video can differentiate instruction for diverse learning styles.
Lisa Thumann
Yours, Mine, and Ours: Contributing to a Community of Learners through Shared Bookmarks
We’ll explore how to use Diigo, a social bookmarking site, to gather online resources for your
students, and learn how Diigo can be used by your students to gather and annotate these resources
for themselves, their classmates, and you.
Patrick Higgins
Dropbox - An Introduction to Cloud Computing
Are you looking for more portability and access? Are you looking to
have your students submit assignments electronically? Come learn about Dropbox. With this tool, you
can share photos, audio, video and files with your students and their parents.
Lisa Thumann
Getting Started With Audacity
Would you like to provide your students with the ability listen to your lectures or lessons on demand? Join us to learn how Podcasts are being used in education and how you can create them using Audacity.
Robert Heinrich