FLIPpin' SWEET! Student Created Video in the Classroom

Kevin Jarrett
Technology Facilitator, K-4
Northfield Community School, Northfield NJ
Email: kjarrett@ncs-nj.org
Blog: http://www.ncs-tech.org
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kjarrett


"Flip Video" cameras literally invented the category of miniature portable video recorders back in May 2006, introduced as inexpensive alternatives to larger, heavier, more fragile and more complicated traditional camcorders. Using "flash" memory and a convenient built-in USB dongle to connect to computers, these cameras became wildly popular, especially in schools, where their low cost and ease of use made them ideal for student projects. Although the model pictured is no longer made (click here for the current product line), many of these cameras are in use at schools around the USA and the world, including my school, where we have been making videos for years! They are durable, easy to carry, powered by AA batteries, and record GREAT video with crystal clear sound. As far as I am concerned, no classroom should be without one!

Purpose of this Showcase

I want to show everyone how easy it is to use these Flip Cameras both as a tool to transform teaching and learning as well as for capturing routine "magic moments" that happen every day in our classrooms. I want to give people a chance to USE THESE CAMERAS to record video clips and assemble them using Windows Movie Maker (iMovie can also be used but I will have PCs with me for the showcase). I also want to demonstrate some simple storyboarding software that will help budding videographers plan and produce high-quality video productions. Finally, I want to introduce this wiki as a repository of tips, resources and integration ideas.

What You Can Expect

I will have several of these cameras with me at my Showcase table. I will also have several laptops. Participants will be able to record video clips, import them into Windows Movie Maker, add titles and transition effects, and finally export finished movies (even copy them to their own USB drive, if they have one). I will also be showing examples of videos we have produced in my school (which I cannot post online). Finally, I'll be offering advice and tips on how to use the cameras effectively, how to ensure they are used safely and responsibly by students, offer suggestions as to which Web 2.0 services can be used to store and play video safely, and I will share some tips I have learned as a result of working with this technology for several years.


This wiki's main purpose is to be a resource to anyone (at the NJEA Convention or otherwise) who is interested in these cameras and their implications for education. Accordingly, these pages will contain a variety of links to products, Web 2.0 services, presentations, online learning communities, contests and more. This wiki will probably never be complete; it will change constantly, up to and after the 2009 NJEA Convention. That is the power of wikis!

10 Educational Uses for Flip Video (NEW): http://www.digmo.co.uk/news/hardware/10-education-uses-for-flip-video/
Techno Tigers Flip Camera Resource Wiki (NEW!): http://jabernethy.wikispaces.com/FlipVideo (thanks, Sue Ross!)