Ellen Kahane has been implementing the use of the Classroom Performance System (CPS Clickers) with the teachers and students Involve everyone
CPS facilitates feedback from every student. Allow each student to participate simultaneously!

Embarrass no one
CPS allows you to elicit a response from every student without embarrassing anyone for a wrong answer.

Reach a new generation
Bridge the generation gap with technology that is dynamic and relevant to today’s young people.

Capture attention
CPS promotes an environment of steady provocation and interactive learning. Captivate students for the entire class period with eInstruction’s interactive pad technology.

Educators Can Create Comprehensive Data while:

· Focusing on achievement standards
· Creating an exciting and fun instructional environment
· Receiving 100% participation
· Reducing the teacher’s administrative workload
· Producing rich and timely student performance reports to all interested parties (administrators and parents)

At convention I’ll demonstrate several clicker lessons that have been successful in my school district.

I’ll also bring along a MOBI (Interwrite MOBI) which works like an interactive whiteboard. You can use the Mobi’s electromagnetic pen to write, draw, insert images, highlight, interact with, and annotate over instruction content that is projected.

I’m looking forward to sharing these tools with you at convention. Hope to see you at the High Technology Hall.